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Skin Functional Laboratory is equipped with bioengineering devices mainly manufactured by Courage+Khazaka electronic GmbH, Cologne, Germany.


The following skin functions can be determined by non-invasive and objective methods:

Ø Skin elasticity - Cutometer

Ø Skin viscoelasticity Reviscometer

Ø Skin smoothness - Frictiometer

Ø Epidermal hydration - Corneometer

Ø Skin color (erythema and melanin) - Mexameter

Ø Skin surface lipids Sebumeter, Visioscan + Sebufix + SELS

Ø Skin gloss Glossymeter

Ø Skin desquamation (dryness) - Visioscan + Corneofix + SELS

Ø Skin surface (relief) Visioscan + SELS; color Visioscope

Ø Skin bacterial colonization Visiopor

Ø Facial skin (color, pores, wrinkles) Visio Face + CSI software

Ø Facial skin (color, pores, wrinkles) Coscam camera + SkinSys software

Ø Skin microcirculation (capillaroscopy) Dino Lite nailscope, Kowa microcirculation scope

Ø Dermoscopy and onychoscopy -  Dino Lite digital microscope

Ø Trichoscopy Dino Lite digital microscope, Coscam camera + HairSys software



Cutometer SEM 474


(2 mm and 8 mm probes)

Cutometer MPA 580

+ probes: Cutometer (2 mm and 8 mm) Reviscometer, Frictiometer, Corneometer, Mexameter, Sebumeter





Color Visioscope




Last modified: February 2014